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What A Weird Dream by florencegilbert What A Weird Dream by florencegilbert
I've never really put down on paper what exactly their story is, so here. (Warnings for vagueness):
Basically, Chief (left) is a 25 year old ex-art student who has weird dreams about Emily, (right) who may or may not be a succubus. Also, Chief is a lesbian, and may or may not be extremely attracted to her nightly visitor. This takes place in a post apocalypse world that is just starting to recover from said apocalypse (which happened 2-3 years before the story), so she lives in a small tribe/town like thing, and everyone in the tribe/town is taught survival and combat skills to fight off the evil creatures that have started popping up.
Sometime after the dreams start, someone spots a mysterious woman (read: Emily) in a nearby city, and everyone packs up and goes to hunt her down (cause she's either a monster or a survivor,) and they end up finding her and she beats the tar out of them and kidnaps Chief and they live happily ever after (or not).

Not original, but I like it. :)

Also, this pic is vey similar to one of my old ones: [link]
I like this one more. :B
Errrr...critique?....I'm rubbish at critiquing and this is my 1st DA critique so be nice ...

Drawing is great, nice lines, original style, characters are nicely proportioned (no overlarge or tiny limbs), realistic expressions and posing; relays Chief and Emily's character and the dynamics of their relationship - so really good drawing.

Background story...very intriguing.. Emily sounds like a dangerous woman and that's always provocative in a story because you're always questioning their intentions. And who wouldn't want a nightly visit from Emily especially when it means a break from their reality of a devastated post-apocolyptic world. I'd definitely like to read this if you turn this into a comic or even one of your visual novels :)
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November 12, 2012
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